Enliven Interior Solutions



It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

What we do

What ever is the scale of project we are enthusiastic in transforming the dreams to designs. We love to accept any architectural challenges to push our limits of creativity. We are associated with the project from scratch to surface. We originate unique elevation treatments reflecting the character of the client and / or the functional performance of the space. Our service extends to make furniture layouts and generate landscape proposals which crafts the interiors functionally perfect and exteriors aesthetically awesome.

How we do

  • Initial examination of site and its surroundings
  • Understanding the climatic conditions at micro and macro levels
  • Profound client talk for all the requirements and additional inputs
  • Review the local bye laws and sieve the data
  • Develop schematic layouts
  • Propose conceptual views
  • Assist in budget planning
  • Aid in making and approval of structural drawings and municipal drawings
  • Develop working drawings
  • Providing electrical, plumbing and mechanical layouts
  • Proceed with elevation treatments
  • Abet material selection

What we do

Interiors has always been our profound interest for its interesting play of space, form and function. We value your personal interests, your space, your time and money. We strive hard to per your expectations by achieving unbelievably exceptional outcomes. Our eminent professional knowledge, ingrained conversations with clients, immense research of trends, integrated coordination services, respectable control on time and budget make us stand significant in the industry.

How we do

  • Initial meeting with client to know their style and requirements.
  • Visit to site to examine the existing circumstances.
  • Propose preliminary budget/ Estimate.
  • Develop conceptual drawings.
  • Meet with client to freeze on conceptual drawings/ re-work based on inputs.
  • Develop final budget and project plans.
  • Develop working drawings.
  • Material selection for flooring | finishes | lighting.
  • Final presentation to witness the project as a whole and discuss over planning and procurement process.
  • Procurement and execution after the approval and agreement.
  • Regular on-site monitoring and coordination.
  • Post work service.

Our Specializations

Home Interiors

We provide all needs for living rooms such as the false ceiling, lounge chairs, coffee table, and tv and entertainment unit.

Office Interiors

An office is an integral part of each employee who works there. The office interiors should be such that the workspace continually adapts to business and human needs while inspiring the people at their work.

Commercial Interiors

In our commercial interior work, we design spaces that consider our clients’ values, brand, and business goals. Whether the goal is to enhance the quality of the workplace, to gain the public sense of the brand, to develop boost revenue or foot traffic, we design to meet these outcomes.